Why? Who?

Being able to see the animal through a clear set of eyes, and remove it from its previous environment in order to reset its ground rules and give it a job. Similar to humans taking 21 days to form a habit, it takes dogs roughly seven.

Dogs are task driven, they like a clear definition of what their roll is with-in their pack. If you look closely into a wolf family you can clearly see the agreed upon tasks and assignments given to each animal, domesticated dogs are no different in that aspect. They want to have a job and fit into their family. They have a much bigger purpose than to just look cute and to snuggle and make us happy. It does not have to be a complex task, something as simple as having Manners and walking with their people is a HUGE and un-nature task for them, that they need in this modern world.

That is where I come in, to help give dogs their foundational tasks, were then the owners on their own can take it as far as they would like. These seemingly simple tasks are a gate way to alleviate any form of aggression, anxiety (social and separation), and makes the animal over all much happier and more relaxed. The other gate way that this leads to is an incredible foundation for service dog obedience, hunting dogs focus, and all forms of working dogs can benefit from the foundation that this style of training utilizes.