Here at Mannered Mutts Academy, we provide top of the line obedience training.

We utilize two tools to train your mutt. We will send multiple videos throughout the week explaining everything we do. At the end of the week we wrap up with an hour long training session teaching you.

Mini Educator Technologies (a US based company) provides the most responsible style of canine training. Whether working with a puppy or a Great Dane, the incredible technology of the Mini Educator TENS unit gives your dog gentle reminders, which is then combined with animal phycology to create clear expectations. The second tool is the Herm-Springer collar (a german based company), which provides us crucial insight necessary to tap into the “why” behind a dog’s actions.

We work with dogs of all sizes, as well as dogs from all walks of life. We build the foundation for you to enjoy day.

The goal after a week is to give the owners the tools they need in order to best help their pup succeed. The training after the week is completely turn key as the change happens fast.

Off leash training
Sit and stays
Off leash training
Two Mutts practicing “place”