Reactive dogs are soon to be aggressive dogs. A trigger is the thing a dog reacts to. A trigger can be anything from another dog, a stranger, a car, or a doorbell. Typically, reactivity is shown through lunging, barking, or creating space away from the trigger. Left unaddressed will lead to aggression. The root cause of reactivity is fear. For example, if a dog is fearful of a stranger they will bark or retreat in order to create space. At that point the dog has reached their goal to get the trigger away. Once barking and retreating no longer works, the dog will resort to aggressive tactics.

Here at Mannered Mutts Academy we directly address a dogs fears and teach them to become confident in themselves. We find the overarching root of their fear while simultaneously working with their psychology to move past it. At the academy we give dogs and their owners every tool possible to live a happy and confident life!