Makenzie’s Mannered Mutts LLC, founder Makenzie realized an issue in the dog world and decided to search for a solution.

That issue being the slow progress typically made, along-side the unfortunate fact that many people have given up the idea of adventuring with their companion after the animal becomes “too much to handle”. Similar to how a child therapist has millions of approaches and techniques for treating the plethora of personality types.

Dog training is no different. As Makenzie found her path, she knew that she belonged in this industry, and grew her naturally given talent of understanding animals. Makenzie has professionally trained dogs since 2017, and worked with every breed from the smallest of uneducated chihuahuas, the most aggressive of retired fighting pit-bull, and the most untamed of “domesticated” wolves.

She acquired her deep fascination of understanding the psychology behind animal behaviors and desire to help all canines and their handlers from early on in life. Makenzie always knew what she wanted and put in the hours to create her reality of assisting animals and people to co exist.

She runs an incredible Mannered Mutts Academy that utilizes a one week program to rewire and to help animals thrive in modern society. This level of technique is very similar to a “turn key” approach within a one week goal. After the owners go through an all inclusive crash course, she requests maintenance training that gives your companion a second chance or an incredible start to life.

Makenzie with mutt named Daisy.